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Customer Comments and Testimonials


Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us:


My experience with Alex and Designs By Drucker has been wonderful. Designs By Drucker has been an asset to Midwest Home Care, LLC by assisting with website design, development and hosting along with assistance with hosting and managing email accounts for my business.

Alex's ability to offer great rates and personal attention helps me keep my peace of mind. Furthermore, Alex is quick to return calls and emails. I highly recommend using Designs By Drucker and welcome anyone to call me and ask me more about my experience as a recipient to the services provided by Alex's business. I can be reached at 608/276-6000.

Robert W.
Madison, WI

We really are impressed with how easy it was go get this going.  When I passed it on to our friends and colleagues they were impressed, too, especially when I told them how little it cost to get it going.  I think some of them will be calling you, soon!  Thanks

Scott & Geri W.
Madison, WI

I received wonderful support from your side, especially from Alex, I very much appreciate his service and quick and fast response and willing to help. He was accurate in his answers and brilliant in speed and help. I wish I could have such support all the time from all the companies I'm dealing with.

Many thanks again.

Silvester P.
Milwaukee, WI

I'm a programmer (fortune 500 company). I have moved several of my friend's and non-profit organization sites to Designs By Drucker. Your service is great. DEPENDABLE!

Thank you!

Bradley Z.
Phoenix, AZ

I'm still stunned by all of the extras you provide. You really take the pain out of web management, Thanks!

Traci W.
Wausau, WI

We own some rentals and the price for advertising them in the newspapers has gotten so expensive. Even worse- last time we put an ad in, we got NO replies.

Now I have a ton of great photos of my apartments on our website and when we are looking for new renters, we just put a sign in front of our apartments listing our web address. We have gotten so many more responses this way and best of all it's free.

Thanks a million.

Mary D.
Madison, WI

I am by no means a web expert. I like to surf, but I don't know much about having a website. I am a travel enthusiast and I like to research resorts and hotels, along with particular destinations as a hobby.

Our website has given me and my 15-year old daughter something we can do together. I continue to enjoy researching exotic vacations and she puts this information out on our website!

Kim and Kayla E.
Leaf River, IL

I am a business owner and our website was put up by a part-time employee who is now back in college. The DesignsByDrucker team, picked up where he left off and is now helping me maintain my site.

Their service is excellent and I am getting personal treatment that I haven't found anywhere else. Now maintaining our website is not as overwhelming.

Scott T.
Shannon, IL

What a wonderful Human Relations person you are. I can't tell you how great the site looks...It is perfect...I love the KITTY!!!

Susie R.
Fond du Lac, WI

I don't trust people easily I've never met, and it's downright difficult for me to contract with and pay someone who's a thousand miles away from me. Over the last month, Alex Drucker has gained my faith, trust, and friendship. Not only did he build me a high quality website, but he also showed a patience and concern that I never expected.

I will not hesitate to use Designs by Drucker for every project I initiate that is web-related. Alex and his team get an A+ from me all the way.

Don P.
Pittsburg, TX

I am very excited about the web design and hosting prices and I am looking forward to working with you on our web site.

Dee C.
Lakeside Oregon

Please tell your staff how impressed I am with the service I received so far. I initiated a web hosting contract using your web site sign up sheet the night before last. My domain name is already in place and I already have all the information I need to get started with my business web site.

If this is any indication of the kind of service and support you provide your customers, I am looking forward to a good long-term relationship with your company. Your service is a good value at a good price.

Thank you for the fast response.

Jon J.

Gary, IN

First I wish to compliment you on your excellent service. Your staff was extremely helpful in enabling me to publish our site *even after I made some big errors*. Thank you!!!

Charles A.
San Francisco, CA

Keep up the great work.

Vince D.
Minneapolis, MN

Designs by Drucker offered me a deal I couldn't refuse. I have more space for my pictures so I don't have to worry about deleting anything. This allowed me to share wedding pictures with family all around the country. I can also have up to 20 e-mail addresses for my site. So many features came with this package that I found Designs by Drucker to be a one stop shop for all my website needs.

Ellen W.
Madison, WI

Thanks for your help in setting up our email accounts. Our employees love it!

Jody P.
Freeport, IL


I have had websites hosted by others in the past, but your service has been by far the best. With other website providers, I was just a number- and a small one at that. But with you, I have gotten a lot of personal service and that makes all the difference to me.

Rob E.
Winter Haven, FL

I can't believe all the great service I have received for as little as I pay each month. Thanks.

Don A.
Anchorage, Alaska

Hi Family!

As many of you know I’ve been working on our family history. Thanks to a good friend I now have a web site you can visit. You can even have a mail account there if you want.

Deb C.
Sun Prairie, WI

We have received many compliments on our Earth & Water Works, LLC web site. We greatly appreciate Alex Drucker’s web design and editing expertise and his consistently cheerful helpfulness.

Ellen R.
Madison, WI

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